Working Week – Series Starts

I have decided to start writing a series “Working Week” focusing on design projects I am working on that week. I’m not sure that most people who come across this page are going to be interested, but I kind of feel it is necessary for me at the moment and here’s why:


Yup – I bore myself sometimes too :-)


1. It will give me something to blog about regularly, which will help me find my voice and style of blogging. It will also fill in some blanks until I get my blogging brain on and think up some other content, which is, you know… more exciting.


How I hope you will look when viewing future content!


2. It will help me plan and stay on task with my projects. I find I am always most effective when I have a clear work plan. There is another post in there somewhere about being self employed and managing your own work schedules. See this series is working for me already!


blog ideas growing – check!


3. It will give my current clients a transparent and easy to view way to see that I am working on their websites or logos or whatever. Of course, I do update my clients regularly and towards the end of a build they must get pretty sick of me and all my niggling little questions and emails, but this way everyone gets to see that their projects are getting attention. They will see the stages the projects are going through, plus maybe even a sneak peek of their new site.

I promise I am happier than this when I am working!

I promise I am happier than this when I am working!

I am quite pleased with this series idea now actually, what do you think? Too dull to blog about? Are you a current client? If so, will this help you? Answers on a postcard please, or you know, the normal way and in the box below, is more than adequate.

Jo x


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