The Good, The Bad, The Balance

Are we in November already? I seriously don’t know where the time goes! I have been busy beavering away designing new websites, drawing up business card artwork and setting branding guidelines, I haven’t actually had time to sit back and take stock of what has been going on in the iD bubble. Or to acknowledge the passage of time, it seems!


It feels like time is literally flying away from me.

Talking with my husband the other night, it occurred to me just where the wind seems to be blowing this little business of mine. We were discussing my current projects; where I was at with them and projects waiting to be started. The list was jam packed full of bridal websites!

I am currently working on projects in all areas of the bridal market – from boutiques, to event styling companies, eCommerce stores –  It is crackers! Of course, there are some non-wedding projects in there too but when I think about it, currently about 80% of my new design workload relates to wedding websites and i wasn’t really sure how I felt about it.

Is it a good or bad thing?


I love the fact that people are recommending me or new clients are seeing my work on another site within the industry and enquiring about their own website design. It is an amazing feeling to know that not only my client loves their site but others are seeing the value that working with me can add to their own online presence.


I don’t want to be pigeonholed. I can do more than wedding website design!


Help! I don’t want to get stuck here… Do I?

In fact, I pride myself on the fact that I can design for any industry or business type. My message is: web design and branding to suit your business. Not an entire industry! My core values all evolve around designing sites and branding unique to each client, allowing them to express their own iD. So I really don’t want to become know as “Jo, she designs wedding websites”


On the other hand, it could be pretty cool to be the go-to designer for the bridal industry. It would be a little bit like being famous, right? No, your right, nothing like being famous. I have neck and eye ache from staring at a computer all day, not strutting about on a stage. Still, that little bit of recognition is great for my confidence and gives me the drive to keep advancing, challenging and developing new ideas.


It might put some businesses off. If they perceive that all of the websites I design are pretty and girlie, they might not even get in touch with me to see what I can do for them.


I like to work with people who I feel I can get along with. If we don’t hit it off on our initial phone call or meeting, if I don’t get the direction you want to head in, or think that we could be a good partnership, I will say – sorry this project’s not for me. This benefits us both, I don’t have a headache and sleepless nights worrying if I’m doing the right thing for someone else’s business and you get a different designer who DOES know what you are looking for, and can deliver what you want. I know I am incredibly lucky to be at a stage where I can choose my clients, and I appreciate that that could all change in a very short space of time, but for now, this is working for me and my clients.


To work with someone or a business I genuinely feel a connection to makes life so much easier for the both of us. It generally allows me greater creative freedom as my clients trust me, and we have a good working relationship based on an understanding of each other and the business needs.

So there’s my balance point. It isn’t about the industry sector, it is about my relationship with the client. That is the key to designing a great website or logo which becomes a useful asset to their business. If they are all bridal boutiques or mechcanics, it really doesn’t matter to me, as long as the client does.