Getting over Easter

I know that this is my first post in my new series working week, but I’ve got to be honest, this week is going to a bit all over the place, so the post might just be the same. Mainly because my plan is to catch up and sort out EVERYTHING that hasn’t been done because of the bloody Easter holidays. If you know me, you know I have a 4 year old, and she is with me throughout the school holidays – why, oh why, do they have SO many?


The last 2 weeks have mainly been spent working late into the night, desperately trying to stay on top of my projects, in between managing her social life and CONSTANT hunger – my child tries to eat her own body weight in food on a daily basis, like seriously every day and she doesn’t carry an ounce of weight (not that I am jealous or anything) – but I digress.

This coming week I am due to finish off a web design project which is rather special to me. I am working on updating the SO Jewellery website – my very first venture into self employment! I sold the business a while back and the wonderful new owners have asked me to update the site, to work with their branding  – it is a very strange feeling to be working on the site again and getting paid for it.


A sneaky peek of the new homepage


Moving on from an ending to a new beginning, I am due to start work on a new site for a local nursery. I am really pleased to be working with 5 Star day nursery and can’t wait to get started and be able to let loose with colour and fun shapes to show off a playful, energetic vibe of the setting.

On the design front I am working on a new advert for Bartley Glass which will appear in a local directory. The ad will feature their new logo of course in addition to the same look and style of  their website.

That pretty much rounds up the bulk of my week.

Although, I do also have a number of my regular clients sites to update and do a spot of copy writing for, plus of course, continuing the uphill struggle of trying to add to this one. It is seriously hard – no wonder so many clients pay me to do it for them!

Anyhow, that is me and my week. What have you got planned for yours? Anything exciting happening? Any uphill struggles like me? Share your working week with me and I’m sure we can help each other through it.