Headless Howler – A Pet Peeve of Mine

I need to say this! I need to vent my frustrations at seeing SOOO many headless models on wedding websites – it literally annoys the life out of me. At a new client meeting yesterday with, you guessed it – another bridal boutique, they showed me through a few of their favourite wedding websites, their own existing site, and of course a few other none industry sites they liked the look and feel of. I have to say, practically every wedding industry website had the heads cut off the models – some even had headless models on the homepage slider!

It just screams LAZY, to me.

I know it’s a pain editing 100’s of images, I know you have to sometimes tweak css and coding again and again, to get it JUST right, but it needs to be done. The websites can look amazing, and then right in the middle of the page where you would expect to find a beautiful image of the dress you find a teeny, tiny square of what looks like a wedding dress but it could just be a white blob. Click it – oh yes it is a lovely dress and amazingly, I can see that the model does in fact have a head – Brilliant!

What is the issue with resizing the gallery thumbnails people???

I suppose I shouldn’t really get so wound up over it, after all my eye for detail and levels of perfectionism are one of the reasons lots of people choose to work with me, but seriously – do you think this actually looks good?



or this?


It isn’t rocket science, but it is pretty bloody annoying. I know potential brides aren’t there to look at the models heads but they are there to see what the business has to offer; are they professional, conscientious and willing to show their clients care and attention. So I believe their website should reflect that – in every aspect.

Rant over! I don’t know why I get so worked up over it, I mean all the better for me I suppose but still – please stop chopping peoples heads off!!!