I’m Different… And I Like It!

It’s nice to see iD is on the money! Or actually quite a bit less than, if the article I read recently in the guardian is anything to go by. On my hunt for new and informative SEO news and updates, as part of my new regular blogging strategy (is there really such a thing?! – this applies to both the “regular blogging and “new seo” techniques) I came across this piece, which basically lays out how to pick your web designer, what to look out for, and roughly how much it should cost.

I pretty much agree with all the points raised, and yep its absolutely right that a good designer will change their designs according to their clients’ needs and wants, and of course, all new websites should be 100% responsive and mobile friendly. All ticks in the box there for me – YEY.

I'm doing it right!

It’s always good to hear you are doing it right!*

The pricing got me thinking though. The article lists logo design at around the £200 mark, which I think is pretty low, you can see why here. But web design is priced at around £3,000! Wow! That is a huge cost, and quite unjustified I think. Most web designers like myself, now automatically use CMS platforms such as WordPress, which is far quicker and easier to customize than building a site from scratch. Ecommerce is priced at a whopping £5,000 – £10,000 depending on the level of customization, but again most designers will use a platform such as Magento or Woo Commerce for WordPress for the building blocks of the site. And that is just for the basics of the site. They do not include content or images supplied, and do not include any SEO. It is quite staggering.


It can’t just be me who thinks these prices are outrageous?!*

I appreciate that larger agencies have bigger overheads and need to charge more, but those prices can leave a nasty taste in your mouth especially as sometimes you are just getting a bog standard template with your logo and colour scheme, which is pretty similar to the other 30 clients who previously chose that option. I know a lot of agencies who work like that, and I can safely say, never, NEVER will that happen at iD!

It’s different here at iD


My target market is small owner/manager businesses, who don’t have the time, experience, or will, to build a quality website which will aptly reflect their business AND get found on google. I won’t increase my prices because they are lower than the industry “norm” I charge a fair price for the hours of work I put in, it is as simple as that.

My new mantra:

I am proud iD is an affordable web design agency.

I am adamant, that now, or in 15 years time iD will always offer our clients completely custom designs.

I am dedicated to helping clients achieve a better positioning on google. Each and EVERY website page I build includes SEO.

And I’m thrilled that all of those things are what makes me different!

If you want to work with a design agency who is different, who will put your business needs and goals front and center of the project without a huge bill at the end of it, contact me at Individual Design.

*I seem to have used a lot of baby images today. I would just like to point out no babies, either real or cartoon were harmed during the making of this post :-)