Logo Design Unlocked – What you are REALLY paying for!

We all know that you can get a logo designed for you online for, well, the price of a ridiculously overpriced cup of coffee. You generally get what you pay for, except at Starbucks, where you pay through the nose and still just get a coffee, albeit a fairly nice cup. Yes, you can get a really really cheap logo online, but will it do the job? Is it appropriate for your business and marketplace? Is it future-proof? Does it REALLY reflect your business?


Logo prices can vary hugely, usually the more talented and experienced a designer, the more you are likely to pay. Custom logo design prices at iD are based on the level of work and time I put into every project. It might seem expensive if you consider your logo to be “a bit of text in a different font or whatever” on the page. But if you know anything about branding, and care about creating the right first impression of your business, you will know it is not just a “bit of text” on the page and it matters!

You can currently expect to pay £350 for a bespoke logo design at iD. Which might seem like a lot of money, but if I break it down for you, you can see just what goes into a custom logo design.

Research: I can spend around 3 hours per client researching ideas for their new logo. This includes looking into their company history, researching their marketplace and competition. Reviewing the questionnaire I have already asked the client to fill out, helping me to narrow down the brief. Looking up suitable fonts, gathering ideas and colours on Pinterest and locally.

1st Idea Draft: I usually have a pretty strong first idea, which can be honed within 6-10 drafts (which only I see) This can take anywhere between 2 to 3 hours, depending on how well I feel the idea and style evolving.

1st Idea Edit for Client: Once I think I have the general style and feel right, I will play around with the colours and fonts. I usually have between 3 and 6 versions for the client. This is pretty straight forward and doesn’t take too long – around an hour or so.

Client Consult: After the client has seen the 1st draft, we analyse if the logo is right for the brand and company image. If the client loves the idea, we tend to tinker with the finer details and colours. Also looking at how the logo can be displayed in different formats and on different backgrounds. An additional 2 hours is about right for this stage.

2nd Draft: If the client isn’t sure, we try to pin point what is and isn’t working for them. I will then go away and come up with another idea or usually 2. This can take another few hours or sometimes longer. I tend to offer the client ideas which are completely different, to help them visualize what does and doesn’t work.

Rewind and Redo: If it’s still not right, I go right back to the beginning and start all over again. Usually after reexamining and discussing the branding questionnaire in detail with the client. This helps us to narrow down EXACTLY what the client is looking for and marry it up with the logo.

Finally: Once we have it right, I present the client with the logo in various different formats. I also include a branding board which clearly displays the correct colours and fonts plus any other supporting icons or embellishments. Time taken for this step is around another hour.

So even if it all goes swimmingly, and the client loves the first draft; the minimum time it takes from concept to completion is around 9 hours, without accounting for time spent emailing and talking to the client about their new logo. And that’s if they love the very first idea, which does happen. Although it normally takes a little back and forth on exact font, placement and colourings so you can easily add another hour to that – if they LOVE the first idea. If they don’t, it can pretty much double the time it can take.


I had one client who wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted, even after lots of researching and a Pinterest idea board, their heart was in conflict with their head. We ended up doing about 10 different ideas, the favourite 3 ideas each had another 6 variations! And guess what? Yup, we went full circle. She chose the very first idea I presented – and has been using it for the last two years! The logo and branding is completely perfect for what her business was, and has grown into. We may have been all around the houses, and that particular logo design probably took me the best part of 20+ hours, but it was all totally worth it. The client is happy and has a strong branding direction, which will grow with her business, and in fact, suits her better today than it did all those years ago.

She wasn't quiet this bad!

She wasn’t quiet this bad!

So that is what you get when you ask iD to design you a logo – my time, my knowledge, my eye for detail, my dedication and in some cases, my unfaltering patience.