Web Design

Web design is our core business, identifying your USP’s and displaying them online in a way that your existing clients and potential new customers can understand and see, is what we do.

Each website is designed to suit your business needs, from the design elements to the functionality, no two websites are the same. However there are always some constants, such as pages required and how much of your time you are willing to give the project. iD have designed the packages below to reflect that, and to give you an idea of just how affordable your next leap in business can be.

The Packages

10 out of 10

Up to 10 pages of bespoke design

This web design package should easily suit most small business needs. It offers a completely bespoke design of the site to suit and reflect your individual business needs and branding. The website is built on the powerful and easy to use wordpress platform. It allows you complete control and management of the site after the design process is complete.

There is no real limitation to what you can do, sliders, contact forms, galleries ect are all included if you need them. It does have a “fair usage” policy. Find out more about our Fair Usage Policy.

Beyond Perfection

10 pages+

Individual Design understand that sometimes 10 pages just aren’t enough (like for this site for instance) We appreciate that for clarity and ease of use, you might need more pages, therefore we only charge for those additional pages. No more, no less – just a perfect website for your business and it’s needs.

To find out how many pages you actually need we sit down and plan a clear site structure, you may be surprised at how few you need. We more often than not, compress existing websites down to fewer pages as quite simply they extra pages aren’t required to express your individual story.

Sky's the Limit

Unlimited pages + resources

This package is for larger clients who need to rocket their website into the stratosphere without having to set foot in the cockpit. Individual Design can take care of everything, from product image photography to copywriting. This package is charged the same as the others based on how many pages the site requires and charges for additional services such as photography and editing. Again all of our pricing is based on making web design as affordable as possible for small businesses.

Get in touch to find out if this is the right package for your business needs, and just how affordable it can be.

Angels Marketplace

eCommerce website

Sell your products in the cloud with our flexible easy to manage eCommerce website, using the most suitable platform for your business – most likely either Wordpress or Magento. Like our 10 out of 10 package you will get up to 10 standard pages plus the shop designed and built for you. We add your first 10 products and categories and then give you a full tutorial session to help you to continue adding your products online yourself, with ease and confidence.

Want us to add more than 10 products? Get in touch and talk to us about the Sky’s the Limit eCommerce package.

What's Included
















All of the above can be, and is catered for on a regular basis. For more information to find the right package and solution for you, simply get in touch.