SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a crucial part of your website, after all there is little point in having a beautiful website if your potential customers can’t find it.

Optimising websites for them to get found on google and other search engines are a particular strength of Individual Design – after all it is how we started in this industry.

Good SEO is about following the rules, and strong keyword research. Finding out the search terms used by your average guy on the street is far more valuable than what like-minded professionals use – who would you prefer to find you on the 1st page of google, your competitors or your customers?

We use your keywords throughout your website, both within the text and behind the page in the Meta data. We look at text to html ratio, keyword ratio and placement within the text. It is a time consuming and slightly boring process. However, the rewards it brings are well worth it, seeing your website move up the rankings is one of the best feelings (yes, I am aware I’m a geek).

SEO is included in all of our web design packages at no additional cost. Individual Design implement SEO on EVERY page of your website whether you have 5 pages or 50. We want you to be successful, we want to see your site at the top of google and we do everything in our power to get you there.

Standalone SEO

SEO for an existing website.

Individual Design will happily carry out a full free SEO review. We will identify if there are any SEO improvements that can be made to your existing website. This will flag any areas your site is not properly optimised, and suggest the required improvements which need to be made. We will also provide you with a tailored quotation of the cost and time required to make the changes. If agreed, iD will then implement all of the changes, and offer you a tutorial session on SEO best practice. This will help you to continue effectively optimising your website in the future, or we can discuss our ongoing SEO package with you.

Standalone SEO is a price on application service, as of course each website is different and will need varying amounts of time allocated to it. To discuss optimisation of an existing website, or for a free SEO review, get in touch with us, give us your company URL and we will give you our findings.

Ongoing SEO
From £40 per month

Monthly maintenance to ensure highest possible rankings.

Good SEO doesn’t stop when your website design and build has come to an end. For the best possible results, websites must be continually worked on and grown – month after month, year after year. Which is one of the reasons why we always suggest adding a blog to your website is a great idea. Google will promote and show your website higher, if they see regular updated content on it – FACT.

For our web design clients we advise on SEO best practice, and how to continue building on our strong foundation. However, we appreciate that not every small business has the time or staff resources to implement an ongoing SEO campaign. If we agree that a maintenance package is the right option for your business, we will look at how many hours we need to spend on it each month to ensure its continued success. To discuss an ongoing SEO campaign and what it involves with iD, simply get in touch with us.