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Desire Bathroom Interiors are a well established leading bathroom fitter in Birmingham. Over the years the company have gained a reputation as providers of top end luxury bathrooms and wanted a website and branding to reflect that. Desire Bathrooms approached Individual Design looking for web design with SEO but after a review of the existing company branding they decided it was time to update their logo and branding to reflect the contemporary high end nature of their work.



Branding and Logo Design

It was important to the company that they keep their company colours of bright blue and grey. There were a few initial concerns about a change of logo as they had undergone a name change around 18 months previously, therefore rather than completely change the logo iD decided to use elements to make sure it was still recognisable to customers and people who may have seen the old logo on the company vehicles.

We decided to keep the wavy lines on the old log but to update the style to incorporate a bath shape. The previous logo featured a thin quite nondescript font so we changed that to a more modern impactful design. 



Desire Bathroom Interiors
Desire Bathroom Interiors

Web Design

After our consultations we identified that the most important thing to Desire Bathrooms was really displaying the quality of their work. This would be achieved by using a large slider on the homepage, and then a gallery page which firstly shows the finished result but when you scroll over it you see the before image. We also wanted to make sure there was a blog on the website to allow the company to go into more detail about their projects and to help inspire other homeowners. 

The overall design of the website needed to clean, contemporary and inline with the new company branding. Desire Interiors wanted a sleek design which reflects the company and their designs as a whole. 





The SEO on the previous website was practically non-existent. The keywords which had been targeted were not the most important to Desire Bathrooms and the location targeting was completely out of area. To help rectify this iD researched and identified a range of new keywords and implemented onpage SEO on each page of the new website which is already having a direct result. Desire Interiors have had an increase in the volume of leads particularly for the commercial side of their business and they are now moving up the google ranking for their major keyword which they previously didn’t appear for. 

Individual Design now look after the website updating it with new fresh content each month. This is the perfect solution for Desire Bathroom Interiors as their site is updated regularly with their projects and they get to concentrate on the projects themselves. 






Desire Bathroom Interiors can not believe the transformation from the old to the new website. They have expressed how pleased they are with the style, feel and functionality and have already received increased contact from new potential customers.