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Castle Road Playgroup have been supervising and caring for preschool children for over 30 years. They have always survived on word of mouth for their business. They realised that a website would not only be a great way to advertise, but it will help parents whose children currently go to the group keep informed of the ongoing activities.


To design a website and logo which is playful in nature and reflects the playgroups bright, warm approach. There needed to be an online application form in addition to information on daily activities. It was also vital to have a news feed on the home page as this will help keep parents informed of any school activities.

The playgroup had always used a light and dark blue in their logo, but felt that the existing design was outdated and in need of a refresh to tie into the new website.


After researching playgroup/nursery websites and knowing the playgroup as I do, I decided it was best to let the children themselves “sell the playgroup” to perspective new parents. All the children at Castle Road are always so happy to be there, that we decided to put a video of them on the homepage. It not only showcased the room and equipment well, but also gave the viewer an opportunity to see what the children do, and just how much they enjoy it.

Light and royal blue have always featured in the playgroups uniform and previous literature, therefore it was essential to include those colours in any new logo and branding design. I added bright pink, orange and lilac – which helped to lift up the blues and make the logo appealing to both genders and giving it a greater sense of fun.

The playgroup website has been a big hit with both parents and staff – they all agree it is truly reflective of the setting and the video has even bought a tear or two to a few eyes!

“I honestly wouldn’t have been able to do half of what Jo has done on both the website and logo. She has really understood what we stand for.”