Just 1, 2, 3 – My Week In Numbers

Wow time really does fly when you are having fun trying to catch up. Last week was a bit of a whirl wind. My little one does not settle back into the swing of things after a break from nursery, so my mornings were often spent in total havoc and running late – a constant theme for this weeks post!

Lets hope this week is calmer, although judging by my workload, I’m thinking not!

I really did hope to wrap the SO Jewellery website up by the end of last week, but I think it will need another 4-5 hours this week to be ready to show its new owners (probably more like 10 then!)

I was also delayed last week on the 5 star nursery site. There was a little confusion, I thought the client had already arranged hosting but it turns out they had just bought the website builder tool along with their domain name. It does come with its own hosting, but it is very limited and only way to edit the website is via the builder tool. A word of warning here – choose this option with caution. It is severely restrictive both with how you can style your website and also if you decided to change hosts there is no means of taking your website with you. However, if you buy hosting it often comes with a free website builder tool, if that is what you want to use. You also get greater flexibility to use your hosting space as you want to, you can host multiple sites, store images that need to hosted etc. A WordPress website is definitely one of the easiest websites to manage, and you can move it from one host to another whenever you need to, for no extra cost.

Now that 5 star have their hosting sorted, this week I can really get started and move forward with their new website.We have been talking lots about a rainbow of colours, and in my mind the footer and nav bar change colours depending on which page you are on – I like it, now can I do it? I am excited to see!

I am starting an exciting project this week for another bridal shop in the West Midlands. I am really looking forward to the challenge of another bridal shop website, especially as the last one was such a hit with both my client, their clients and my comtemptories, but I am keen to make sure the styles and layouts are as individual as each client.

After a wonderful meeting last week with the owner, I am thrilled to be working on this new website. The company have just updated all of their branding so it is obviously key that I tie the website in with their new style – which is a feminine, floral, with a touch of vintage. The boutique has a sleek, stylish feel to it, and the owners have a modern approach with traditional values. It is going to be fun to try to sync all of these elements to give a true reflection of the business online, and of course in keeping with their new branding.

That’s this week, one to finish and two to start, plus of course all the usual maintenance work. Updating information on The Dressing Rooms, adding new services to Top to Toe and updating Designa Blinds, with the exciting news that they have now opened another showroom.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3 – apparently!

What is your plan for the week ahead? Are you self employed, and struggle like me to keep all your projects on track? If you can somehow make it work, please share your secret to success!