Beaming About My Bridal Websites

Wow, what a week. I know I have been a little quiet on here recently – it’s basically because I am working so blinking hard on everybody else’s website that i just don’t seem to find time focus on my own. It’s kinda like the builder who lives in a run down house. After he gets home from a hard day’s work he really can’t bring himself to pick up his hammer again until tomorrow.

However, even though it is 7pm and I should actually be bathing my child right now, I couldn’t resist sharing some really exciting

The website I built for The Dressing Rooms has been entered into a competition and it has made it to the finals. Out of hundreds and hundreds of entries it has been narrowed down to the last 6! I am over the moon it has been so well received. We find out the winners in September and I think I am going to keep my fingers crossed until then.

From my understanding the Bridal Buyers Awards are a huge nod of recognition from within the industry and I really do wish Rebecca and team a ton of luck and hope they pick up BOTH awards they have been nominated for.

If that wasn’t all the good news surrounding bridal websites, I am almost ready to launch La Couture Bridal Boutiques new site. It has been a long time in the making but I have to say – it is absolutely beautiful. This week I met with the boutique to show them the finished site and they loved it. There were squeals, shrieks of delight and clapping all round – I think it’s fair to say that was a good meeting!

I am hoping that site launches v soon, we just need to sort the boring server/hosting issues and we are good to go – so watch this space for another beautiful bridal website!


new bridal shop website

Little sneaky peek for you there! I love that it reflects the boutique wonderfully, and it is so different from The Dressing Rooms.

In my industry it can be so easy to pigeonhole websites into “industry standard” but that is what sets iD apart from the rest. We don’t build websites to look identical to others – there is no template, no standard. Just the best use of colour, space and substance to reflect your business.

The new site will be live any day now and I am just so proud of it, I can’t wait to share it in all it’s glory.

This week has been an amazing week for iD and bridal websites, award nominations, site completions – what more can a busy, thriving designer ask for? Oh, probably a clean child! I really must dash….