This is iD

Individual Design is a small design business specialising in web design, SEO and branding. We tailor all of our design solutions to the individual, giving each business its own sense of iD.

Based in Birmingham, we offer affordable web design to local small businesses. We focus on smaller owner/manager businesses because this is the market where we can achieve the greatest results.

Small businesses often KNOW they NEED to look at creating a stronger brand and better online presence but generally don’t have the time to ever get around to achieving it.

That is where we come in.

At Individual Design we like to think we offer a different approach to web design and branding. We look at you, your business, your USP’s and translate that into a clear, concise website and marketing materials, that appeal to your customers.

We get involved in your business (most of the time I actually feel like part of your business) which I think is key to our success. Individual Design becomes a little corner of your business, so we understand it, and work seamlessly with you, to promote and grow it.

You can find out about more of our services and what exactly branding is, or get in touch to start a conversation to see if we are the right fit for each other. We aim to help you to take your business to the next level, and ensure your website and branding helps your business to stand out as an individual, in sea of competitors.

The Girl Behind the brand

jo-manning3I started my professional life in sales, I spent 10 years selling a range of different products and services to a plethora of businesses, from SME’s to large Blue Chip organisations. Over that time I honed my sales skills and marketing technics to see what approach works for each market place and target audience – I think most sales managers would call it emphatically selling.

Once my baby was born in 2010, a career travelling up and down the country didn’t seem possible or appealing to me anymore. I never had any ambition to set up my own business before that point but it felt like a light bulb moment, actually it felt more like a thunderbolt but I will go into that a different time.

I decided to set up an online business selling affordable hair accessories for brides (a relatively small market at the time) I wanted my ecommerce website to look beautiful, function well and instil trust in my potential customers. I approached a few web designers and the prices they came back with were unbelievable – I would have no money for stock!

Luckily my husband works in I.T, a few of his helpful colleagues introduced me to HTML – and a love affair was born (with the coding that is, not the colleagues!) My inner geek grew into a monster, I devoured all the information that I could on web design, and built a pretty sweet site! Soon a few sales starting coming in, and I was over the moon, it worked! But I knew my target marketplace was huge, so why wasn’t I getting more?

The geek monster was of King Kong proportions when I learnt all about the ins and outs of the ever changing world of SEO. I adapted my site, included a targeted SEO strategy and my site was buzzing. I went from 15 visitors a day to 150, 5 sales a month to 5 a day, I was in eCommerce heaven.

So how did I get from that to this?

I became far more interested in ensuring my website was on page 1 of Google for all my search terms than I was about selling tiaras (FYI, it was!) I was at a wedding fair talking business with other suppliers – we are all obsessed with getting to the top of google – although maybe not as much as me… One of them asked me to help her out and optimise her website, and there you have it my very first web design client.

I have never looked back, I love my job. I love that I get so involved in my clients businesses and by the end of the build I know a small slither of their industry, which reflects in their website and branding. Most of all, I love the fact that I have made a real difference to those businesses. Whether it was by helping them find their individual iD, or by getting their already established brand seen clearly, by more clients online, and ultimately helping their business to grow.

I have rambled on for long enough, hopefully you now have a feel for me, my passion and how I like to work. If not, then I’m sure you can find out more on the blog. You can see more of the services I offer and a pricing guide but if you think Individual Design is the right design agency for you, get in touch to see if we can work together.